” What are X__X? Unusual combination of nihilists? Rampant minimalists? Arted, parted and departed anarchists?
Actually, a more logical question would be: Who are X__X?
Anybody who has his or her ears tuned into punk-rock 45s would probably describe X__X as the swingingest foursome to hit the music scene since the British invaded these shores. But X__X don’t come from England; they thundered out of Ohio’s Lake Plains, specifically Cleveland, a wild and uncivilized area of the continent from whence the quartet derived its earthy, hip-swiveling rhythms so evident in the group’s potent recording of Your Full of Shit.
The same undulating beat so prominent in their best-known song is multiplied to frenzied proportions as the boys showcase their best-known tune with 15 other boss sessions tailored for the young-in-body as well as the young-in-heart.
This album is designed to get the crowd off their respective derrieres and into the mosh pit. Sample No No and No Non ¢s and you’ll hear exactly what this album is attempting to do—supply the most torrid sound around, the Your Full of Shit sound.
X__X acquired their untamed rhythms by studying the musical and cultural attributes of the natives in their own Cleveland. Raised on the Westside, leader John D Morton grew up with WJW-TV’s Ernie Anderson, who created the figure of Ghoulardi—a beatnik-style hipster, whose slogans ‘stay sick’ and ‘turn blue’ made a lasting imprint on Morton’s fertile young mind.
After completing high school, Morton turned his talents on a full-time basis to his first love—music. In 1972, he formed the electric eels with Brian McMahon and Dave E. McManus: Among their inspirations were Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, early Alice Cooper, the Kinks, and Fleetwood Mac’s Then Play On.
They worked intensively on creating an exciting dance sound and finally hit upon the rhythm they wanted in a tune called Agitated—which made a huge sensation when released in the UK.
Then came X__X, which has documented the boys’ names on the pages of the Record Industry history books both in America and throughout the world. Featuring other Cleveland superstars—Andrew Klimeyk, Anton Fier and Jim Ellis— the name was designed to be mutable, to mean whatever you and Morton wanted at any given moment. Mutations included Ex Blank Ex, X Charlie Manson and the Family X, and in this case, X The Rolling Stones X.
In this spirit, this collection of their greatest hits is called X Sticky Fingers X in salute to that tarbaby seventies sound.
X__X flashed like a supernova in the turbulent rock scene of the late seventies. They left us with the 16 studio and live tunes collected in this elpee. There are exciting versions of eels’ classics No No and Dolly Boy, advanced new material like The Social Whirlpool and Moorish Weirdo—both featuring eels singer Dave E.—and of course, the hits: Your Full of Shit and No Non ¢s—stone knockouts both.
As a special exclusive bonus, there is I’m So Fucked Up: a tribute to John D Morton’s legendary visual-art group Johnny & the Dicks, taken from their hard-to-find November 1977 12″ package.
Whether slow and moody or fast and furious, the boys deliver a gross of mean sounds aimed at making your feet move. Join in the fun and add X Sticky Fingers X to your collection of albums. It’s music that gets a party moving! It’s a really boss set!

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  • No Non ¢s
  • A.
  • Rattler
  • No No
  • Moorish Weirdo
  • Your Full of Shit
  • Tool Jazz
  • Dolly Boy
  • Blendar
  • Cleveland Sucks
  • Dolly Boy
  • Kinda Gymnopédie
  • Mommy, You Broke My Mind
  • Transmogrification
  • Karma Bank

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