worriedaboutsatan are a Yorkshire based electronica band who incorporate swirling ambient melancholia, skyscraping post-rock guitar atmospherics, and pounding slo-mo techno.

Since starting life as a bedroom project back in 2006, the band have won acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, Drowned in Sound, The Guardian, Resident Advisor, FACT and many more over their decade long career.

The band has always retained a strong DIY ethos, and pride themselves on being very much a live act, rather than just another electronic project with a laptop. They’ve so far shared stages on tours and supports with a diverse array of musicians, such as Underworld, Ólafur Arnalds, Clark, Dälek, 65daysofstatic, Tim Hecker, Pantha du Prince, Braids, HEALTH, Kiasmos, Pye Corner Audio and many more. More recently they’ve played festivals such as Bluedot (2016), ArcTanGent (2017) and Belgium’s Dunk!Festival (2017 & 2018)

In August 2017 the band were nominated for an AIM Award in the category of Hardest Working Band or Artist.

The band have also worked closely with BBC film maker Adam Curtis on composing and acting as music supervisors for his ‘HyperNormalisation’ documentary, providing music alongside Burial, Brian Eno and Nine Inch Nails.

    One Down
    Evil Dogs
    I Am A Crooked Man
    Pissing About
    History Is Made At Night
    You’re In My Thoughts

    All Things But You Are Silent
    A Way Out
    The Violent Sequence
    The Tower And The Steward
    This Restless Wing
    Forward Into Night
    Nice To Meet You
    Blank Tape
    From A Dead Man (Part II)
    Prelude In D For Heartbeat & Noise
    The Butterfly Effect
    Noise 01 (Reprise)
    Relative Minors
    Morwenna (Part 02)
    The Last Song (First Song Remix)
    I’m Not Much, But I’m All I Have
    Sleep Of The Foolish
    Church Of Red
    MV Joyita
    A Damaged Magician
    All Safe, All Well
    Eyes Closed
    Heart Monitor
    Heart Monitor (her.eyes.like_static Remix)
    Heart Monitor (Dalot Remix)
    I’m Not
    The Next Round
    Shift (Part 1)
    Shift (Part 2)
    They Are In Our House Now
    Dig Into Your Memory
    Making Your Masks