Three Kings High

When you hear Three Kings High, you’re hearing a sound that has been honed by constant touring and live shows, a sound that has developed in front of crowds and fans, and that ultimately led to their standout debut album, “Hail” and recent follow up “They Think They’re People”. This isn’t a band that been picked apart and put back together again by a team of people, this is a band that has grown organically to become this big riff heavy monster of a band that people travel from all over to watch.

They weave a rich tapestry of working class anthems, songs of debauched love affairs, unrequited affections, anxiety and depression, hating your friends and filthy council estate sexscapades, all the while showcasing strong musicianship with a poetic soul.
They’re marking themselves out from the try hard scenesters and navel gazers of today’s selfy-obsessed music scene, and making it about the music again!

Three Kings High have toured throughout both UK and Europe to promote their releases, and have been critically acclaimed by a number of music journalists and more importantly, their fans. They have also supported established acts like Huey Morgan, The Milk and The Blockheads, playing main stages at a number of Festivals, as well as on corporate stages put on by Nokia. They have been championed by BBC Radio 6 & BBC Introducing as ones to watch.

“Three Kings High build their songs from strong guitar riffs and memorable choruses, their indie attitude willfully refuses to let them follow any of the signposts pointing to the obvious route” CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE

 “A band at the peak of their powers” – TOM ROBINSON, BBC RADIO 6

“The songs are just a great blend of style and influences but importantly they retain a soul. This is one of the best albums we’ve heard this year.” – SOUL OF A CLOWN

 “If one were to close one’s eyes when one has this disc on, one is in a sweaty little basement club, surrounded by beer and fag fumes” IS THIS MUSIC

 “Three Kings High are just white boys doing dirty, black men funk rawk and they’re making it fun and they’re making it impossible to take the piss out of them” UNPEELED

 “It’s an addictive album, it’s just finished and I’ve got to have another blast of it. Like it a lot” BAUER MEDIA

 “One listen to this and you’ll be firmly grasped in the all that’s ahead for Three Kings High”BRISTOL LIVE MAGAZINE

 “…Three Kings High are fucking amazing!!” CRAIG CHARLES, BBC RADIO 6

 “…Live, they’re even better. Bigger things surely await. Verdict: A truly genre-defying band” SONG WRITING

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  • All The Best
  • Banging My Drum
  • Blood is Blue
  • Bone Dry
  • Crow and the Dove
  • Digging Up Dirt
  • Don’t Let Me Go
  • Excuses, Excuses
  • Frienemy
  • Go Love Yourself
  • Going to Hell
  • Haven’t Got a Whole Lot
  • Margins
  • Nothing Left to Lose
  • Nowhere Fast
  • Off the Cuff
  • One Good Year
  • Reckless
  • Shine On
  • Sirens
  • Swine
  • You Don’t Know Me
  • Hangin’ Around
  • Sweat
  • She’s Golden
  • So Happy I Could Die
  • Self Help