The Zen Hussies

It has been some time now since the fledgling Zen Hussies emerged as a highly original and stylistically refreshing live act out of the heady musical crucible of Bath and Bristol back in 2001.

The six piece energetic musical behemoth draw on various influences including Vintage Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Ska, Pre-War Jazz, Mariachi Brass and Soulful Latino – all infused with a feisty Post-Punk attitude and a terribly English sensibility. The much deserved reputation they hold for winning over the toughest of audiences is a testament to their charm, musicality and good humour and it is perhaps these characteristics that has ensured their longevity as a band and a large and faithful allegiance of followers.

2015 see the release of their 4th album, ‘The Charm Account’. With titles as intriguing as ‘Quafftide’, ‘Party Sarnie’, ‘Devils Doorbell’ and ‘Life’s a Gas Bill’, ‘The Charm Account‘ is an album full of surprise, satire and sexiness, and is a refreshing antidote to the woes and weariness of modern life. Following a successful UK launch tour, the album is now being distributed internationally, reaching as far as major record stores in Japan.

Praise for The Zen Hussies:

“Boundary decimating, skank-tastic combo who leave no dance-floor unshaken.” – Buena Vista Social Club Presents

“The sonic definition of happiness!” – Festival Eye Magazine

“To release an album of dance songs without using any electric bass is monstrously perverse in this era. But then The Zen Hussies are, thank goodness…like a soundtrack to a surreal Peaky Blinders episode; full of playful, suggestive noodling and woozy, smoking brass all underpinned by wonderfully subtle drumming.” – Drunken Werewolf

“Born showmen with one eye on the absurd, The Zen Hussies play songs that lodge in the head like well-aimed bullets, creating a sea of beaming revellers on a dance-floor bursting at the seams.” – Venue Magazine

‘Born showmen with one eye on the absurd guaranteed to create a sea of beaming revellers’ – Venue Magazine

‘Like tearing down bunting with your teeth’ – Mojo Magazine

‘Undisputed masters of post‐punk adrenalin fuelled swing stomp’ – Sepiachord Magazine

  • Quafftide
  • Somedays
  • Party Sarnie
  • Broken Leg
  • Too Cold To Hold
  • Life’s A Gas Bill
  • Impecunious Blues
  • The Devil’s Doorbell
  • Charm Account
  • Final Squaw
  • The Lido Vibe