The Sons Of Bido Lito

The Sons Of Bido Lito began to germinate in Sunderland in the glorious summer of 2011, rehearsing in a greenhouse whilst listening to a “Best Of The Yardbirds” CD, drinking bottles of Lowenbrau and watching old Oliver Reed interviews.

Their 3 minute gems packed with rumblin’ jungle drums and twangin’ surf guitars are said to have the ability to put unsuspecting listeners into an hypnotic trance, as if possessed by an Amazonian shaman.

This didn’t deter legendary DJ Gary Crowley, who chose early demo “Movin’ An A Groovin‘” as his track of the week for both his Amazing Radio and Radio London shows.

Live dates soon followed, with the band sharing stages alongside Primal Scream, James Skelly and Jacco Gardener.

EA Sports hunted down a demo of “Gamma Ray!” to soundtrack FIFA 15‘s Goal Of The Month compilation, and a demo of “Coco Bongo” used in an online Heineken ad featuring Ruud Gullit (the band were left slightly miffed when they didn’t get a tour of the brewery by Ruud in return).

Their debut single “Avalanche” was released on London label Dirty Water Records in late 2015, receiving rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic (voted Single Of The Year by Wort Wisconsin 89.9FM).

Recently signed to hip new label Pink Lane Records, their self-titled debut album provides a long awaited look into the weird and wonderful world of The Sons Of Bido Lito.

“This two-track encounter is pure addiction on 7” vinyl; a pair of songs which from different directions unite to create an aural mantra for swerving bodies and lusty thoughts.” – RingMaster

“Employing a basic, thumping garage beat alongside twanging surf guitar parts, this is an edgy and dark, hook-laden sound which sets them apart from the more deliberately psychedelic sound of many of their peers.” – Muso’s Guide

“After reading the name of the band you don’t quite know what to expect – but if you jump that hurdle, you’re in for some good times. Serving up scuzzy beats which take you all the way back to the swinging 60’s, this music is impossible to avoid” – Word For Music

For fans of: The Coral, Love, The Seeds, The Yardbirds, The Mystery Lights

  • Gamma Ray!
  • Novojoa
  • Moovin’ An A Groovin’
  • Clint’s Trip
  • Coco Bongo
  • Waiting For You
  • Strutting Through Madrid
  • Optical Illusion
  • Avalanche
  • Twelve Commandments
  • 10 Pence Party
  • House Of Trembling Madness
  • Humming Bird
  • Krakatoa
  • Mind Control
  • The Virus
  • Zumming Bird
  • Everything

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