The King Dukes

The King Dukes have put together a record that should remain timeless, a vintage yet contemporary slice of British RnB mixed with the echoes of Memphis Soul
Born in Bristol in 2017, The King Dukes are an exciting new prospect just waiting to be stumbled upon. This amalgamation of fine talent from various bands in the area (including Crippled Black Phoenix, Screamin’ Miss Jackson and the John E Vistic Experience) have started a new journey, with the aim of combining their experiences and passions to create a unique and authentic sound, dipped in soul heritage. They take influence from such bands as Little Willie John, Roy Head and the Traits, Georgie Fame, Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Otis Redding, including contemporaries such as St Paul and the Broken Bones, Leon Bridges and James Hunter.

Based around a classic core of: Guitar, Bass, Drums and Hammond Organ, they further encompass a fiery three-piece horn section paired with sweet backing vocals, all topped with blue-eyed, soul vocals. To capture the sound of this vintage backline on their debut record ‘Numb Tongues’, they only used methods suited to a 50’s-60’s sounding album, playing period specific instruments and throwing modern recording techniques to the side, instead sticking with the more rustic and raw styles that were admired at the time, such as recording a section with multiple instruments all at one time. The result is a record with tracks that sound fresh and with rounded edges, but filled with classic cuts from the past.

This album has a track for every mood, whether you want to move your feet or turn back the sands of time and reminisce about times that once were. The quality of the record and the prestige of the members means that the band are setting themselves up for success in the near future…

Taking 2017/18 to perfect their sound and piece together their debut record, The King Dukes have no hesitation about making an impression in 2019. They are touring the in Autumn, so before long they will be making a name for themselves on the UK circuit.

The King Dukes are:
Marc Griffiths (Vocals,Guitar)
Mandrake Fantastico (Bass)
Dan Clibery (Drums)
Henry Slim (Organ/Piano/Harmonica)
April Jackson (Backing Vox)
Joss Murray (Trumpet)
Rebecca Sneddon (Tenor Sax)
Sarah Loveday-Drury (Trombone)

  • Rub You The Right Way
  • Caril-Anne
  • I Guess Mondays (aren’t gonna be the same anymore)
  • Keep on Living
  • I Gotta Go
  • Dying Man
  • Kid Gloves
  • True True Love
  • Coming Right Back For Your Heart
  • Gone Gone Gone
  • Marlo Cooper