The Black Guards

Dublin via Cleatormoor West Cumbria, the newly renamed Cumbrian based folk rock band, The Black Guards, are to release their debut single, Drawn In, on 17 March 2017 which we have the pleasure in premiering today.

Emerging from a melting pot of Cumbrian talent, the six-piece were, until last month, working under the moniker of D’Bleedin Blaggards under which they’ve earned a reputation in their north-west locale for their live shows bursting with blistering energy.

Lead singer and lynchpin, Paul O’Halloran has been juggling a dynamic group of talented multi-instrumentalists for a few years, and the lineup has now happily settled. Sharing the stage with Paul are Andrew Bates on drums, Anne Marie McStraw on fiddle and pipes, Paul McGhee on guitar and mandolin, Ben Sloan primarily on double bass and Owen Evans mostly heard on accordion.

Now working with Folkstock Records, The Black Guards are releasing their debut single on 17th March, with an EP and album in the offing, all produced by Lauren Deakin Davies.

  • Drawn In
  • The Ballad of Mrs.O
  • Elephant Shoe
  • Boat that cuts the water
  • Plateau (Whole generation)
  • Serendipity
  • Restless little Soul
  • Dusted roads
  • Suffer from the hand
  • Design a life
  • My love
  • Well Well Well
  • Passive people
  • Grand Salute
  • Karma