Spraydog are a band from Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England. They were formed in 1996 and since then have released 5 studio albums, 4 on their own label, Ferric Mordant, and numerous singles and compilation contributions on a variety of independent labels including Fierce Panda, Stupidcat and Fortuna Pop! Their most recent album, Karate Summer Camp was released in late 2006.

They also recorded two BBC Radio 1 sessions for DJ John Peel. They kick-started their career touring with the band Kenickie and continue to play live both in their hometown and occasionally elsewhere in the UK and Europe.

According to their MySpace profile, their musical influences include Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and Pavement. NME magazine described them in 2006 as “very great, scrummy lo-fi scuzz”. Spraydog celebrated their 10th anniversary in April 2007. They no longer exist.

They have been described thusly:

“Fuzzy, aching guitars, supple bass, heart-attack drums, just yer usual quietly assured magic. 4.5 / 5” – Melody Maker.

“…spiky self-assured pop dynamics and scant regard for the foibles of a bloated industry… 7/10 ” – NME

Phil Tyer is now best known as one half of the highly successful folk duo Cath & Phil Tyler.

  • Dialling Mitt
  • My Own El Nino
  • Amaranth
  • M/D/A
  • Song For Clowie
  • Beware The Sun
  • C-Vier
  • Bilderbok
  • Pink Me Up
  • Squiggle
  • All The Circles
  • … Denotes The Passage Of Time
  • Welbeck Road
  • Cupid On A Dolphin Mosaic
  • Shadow, Box, Lunch
  • You Are What I Love
  • Aspirin
  • Pear Drops
  • Girls Know Girls
  • Summer’s Waiting
  • Dry Riser Outlet
  • Like Me
  • Song For Our Megan
  • No-One’s Home
  • Don’t Remember
  • Free To Disagree
  • Last Paragraph (reprise)
  • These Fields May Take Forever To Fill
  • Excuse Me Kind City Gent
  • Ceiling Crax
  • By The Tide
  • Last Paragraph
  • Another Vista
  • Urgent
  • Cal – Neva
  • This Is In Everything (Everything’s In This)
  • Durak
  • Clean With Magma
  • Kissy Lips
  • Leem Luvs Woffil
  • Is The Hallway Blue
  • Veil
  • To The North!
  • Sweet Thing
  • Find
  • Acorn
  • Sunshine Traps
  • Lecherous, Defenestrated
  • Scattering
  • Chapter When
  • These People
  • Alinear
  • Dipod
  • Jimmy
  • Lemonade
  • Melter Twine
  • Monkey Hanger
  • Postcard
  • Pregnant Angel
  • Run The Lights
  • Some Sort Of Corporate Attack
  • Us vs Mascis
  • Waster I’m
  • Leave Me Sleeping
  • One Big So So
  • Prizefighters
  • (Somebody To) Talk To
  • Take Nothing
  • Where This Leads
  • Allison Blaire