Snakerattlers is a Dirty Water Records band, comprising of married couple Dan and Naomi. It’s a hell bound voyage of rockabilly, garage, trash and traditional gum-chewing greaser rock and roll. The music is acerbic and uncompromising. It’s delivered with ruthless injections of venom and intense bursts of raw, erratic power. The band hails from the deepest, darkest depths of ghost-ridden York, in the heart of North Yorkshire, England. Since it’s inception in Autumn 2016, Snakerattlers have carved themselves a reputation for being an intimidating and highly engrossing live act. Their sound will refresh your beliefs on what a two-piece band can produce, as the sound that is produced by Snakerattlers is gargantuan. It has to be experienced in the flesh in order to be completely believed. The band has a relentless tour ethic, and can usually be found in it’s natural habitat, devastating a venue almost every weekend of the year.

The band began it’s life as a side project, as Naomi and Dan were busy touring and recording with the garage punk band; The Franceens. A few rehearsals in, it was established that Snakerattlers had the potential to be something good. The duo decided to leave The Franceens in order to give their full concentration to Snakerattlers.

The band quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Experiments with different types of drums, guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals and vocal styles was carving the sound of the band. And the carve was deep. Deathly cold dank rock and roll was mixing with primitive garage, to create a raw and ferocious sound. Rattlerock was born.

After a few small shows in 2016 to spark the fire, including a live session for BBC Radio York, the band set 2017 ablaze. They played a total of 62 shows in England, Scotland, The Netherlands and Switzerland. An album was recorded and released, though a small independent record label based in the north east of England, called Moon Skull Records. Snakerattlers had a full-page feature in UK Rock And Roll Magazine in support of it, and their album landed to positive reviews from Louder Than War, The Punk Site and Ringmaster to name but a few. In amongst their 62 shows in 2017 were stand-out performances at “Bedlam Breakout” in September, a support slot with “The Gories” in July and a set at the legendary Swiss venue “Helsinki Club” in November. By the end of the year, the band had developed it’s stagecraft, and was regularly executing a precise and dominant live show.

2018 brought a bright start for Snakerattlers, as they signed to Wipe Out Music Publishing. This was a major turning point for the band. Signing with Wipe Out opened up a whole new world for Snakerattlers to be involved in. The year progressed rapidly onward, with the band playing weekly shows all over the UK and Europe, forever on a mission to infect people with their Rattlerock sound. An intensive year of gigs saw highlights such as a tour with Bones Shake in April, another tour with Dead Elvis in June, and a solo tour of Portugal in September. The band also finally got to play at the acclaimed Brighton club night “Stay Sick“. 76 gigs were completed in 2018.

In September 2018, Snakerattlers signed their first professional record contract. The formidable London label; Dirty Water Records signed the band to their label on the 29th of September 2018, backstage at Some Weird Sin’s 6th birthday gig. The signing was announced at the band’s favourite venue; The Fulford Arms in York, on the 29th of October, to a capacity crowd.

February 2019 saw the release of Snakerattler‘s second long player; “All Heads Will Roll” on Dirty Water Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Dave Boothroyd at Reel Recording Studio in York, and showed a definite change in tone for the band. A more professional sound emerged on the album, with the band feeling it was a true representation of how ginormous and immediate their sound can be. About the album, Louder Than War said “the best back-to-basics, garage rock’n’roll album you will hear this year”. The album has since had international and national airplay on a variety of podcasts, internet radio and Spotify playlists.

A couple who became eternally bound, when they married on their hometown venue’s stage, a week after their first gig. Snakerattlers is much more than just a band. It’s a symbol of unity and equality between a couple of lost souls, who have been lucky enough to find each other in this mortal existence. A couple who live to make the music they love. Together.

  • I Won’t Hold Back
  • Let You
  • Go
  • Rattlerock Rumble
  • Oh My Love
  • Let The Devil In Your Soul
  • The Love In Me
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Bones
  • Death Valley Driver
  • Do The Rattlerock
  • Aither’s Theme
  • Rattlerock Stomp
  • Lose My Mind
  • She’s Strange
  • Love
  • Ooga Booga
  • Standing On My Own
  • Destroy Your Soul
  • Wild
  • I Got Away
  • Burn In Hell
  • Nightcrawler
  • The Last Gunslinger
  • All Heads Will Roll
  • Snake Rattle Rock, Snake Rattle Roll