The 30th April 2018 saw RT-Zed release their 5th album FUNKPUNK on Hypermania Music Company via The Pledge. The album sold out of all hard copy both CD and 180 gram yellow vinyl in just 10 days and has been available as a digital download only since 29th July 2019.

Recorded at Echo Studios by Jamie Masters with Steve Grantley in the producers chair the album had a thick-funk-feel with an aggressive punk rock edge.

Reviews were positive; “The blend of Pistols and Prince on the RTZed FunkPunk CD is excellent; with groovy beats and crazy distorted guitars.” 9/10 Shoxx Magazine, UK/Japan. The Sunday Herald claimed the album was “Innovative genre mixing for the Black Mirror generation”. Musically there were comparisons to Ian Dury’s Blockheads, Talking Heads and The Clash’s funk flirtations. The Metro commented “Not what one would immediately expect from the drummer of Belfast’s own Stiff Little Fingers sticksman. There’s echoes of early Kool and the Gang and Bootsy Collins’ 70’s albums. Turn on, Tune in, funk out”.

RT-Zed consists of Steve Grantley and Jonesy but the band began in 1998 with Steve and John Magna. They released their first record RETURN TO ZERO in the April of 2000. Recorded at Big Loud and Brutal studios in West London this predominantly Industrial album included the controversial track GUN FREE AMERICA and a cover of GHOST RIDER by their NYC heroes Suicide. They played various shows as a duo with John on guitar, Grantley on vocals and ‘the instrument’ as back-up.

Steve and John produced a second record: an album of punk covers titled HONOUR THE BARBARIAN at Big Loud and Brutal studios for a small record label in New York but the company went bust and the album remains unreleased.

In 2003 they contributed their version of GUNS OF BRIXTON from BARBARIAN to a Clash Tribute album. It turned the beloved classic Reggae tune into a demented, industrial fever-pitched riot. Grantley commented, “what’s the point in doing a cover exactly the same as the original? We twisted it, distorted it and made it our own. I’m very proud of our version!”

Grantley and Magna took a hiatus from the band and in the interim John moved to the USA. In 2012 armed with a new set of songs Steve recruited longtime friend Jonesy as guitar player. Together in the ‘Rock Room’ at Blue Moon studios they recorded ZED HED.

With Grantley once again producing, the album was a less industrial affair with a more rock n roll feel. It garnered rave reviews, Louder Than War called it “cool and edgy . . . a rare triumph” with Vive Le Rock stating, “RT-ZED aren’t just another side-project band, they’re an impressive band in their own right.”

ROOM NO 5 from ZED HED was released as a single and received healthy airplay. The band played shows to support the album release including the ‘Westworld’ festival. Their very first gig at The Bullingdon Club in Oxford was recorded for reference only but later released on CD titled CRUNCH.

After the continuing success of FUNKPUNK Steve Grantley is now working on songs for a follow-up album, tentatively titled ALL FUNKED DUB.



  • 11:11
  • Beneath The Shadow
  • Deja Voodoo
  • Everything\’s On Sale
  • Get What You Want
  • Hit Me Hard
  • In The Blood
  • Invocation
  • Jonee
  • No Conspiracy
  • Premonition
  • Pretty Ugly
  • Room No. 5
  • She Was Bad
  • Too Far In To Get Out
  • You Are Free
  • Ego
  • Gun Free America
  • Hello
  • Human Being
  • I Was
  • Prey
  • Return To Zero
  • Star
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Zero
  • No Conspiracy
  • Clean
  • The Disconnect
  • Guilty
  • Got No Style
  • Clone
  • Secure Beneath Watchful Eyes
  • Smash The Idols