Red Monkey

RED MONKEY: Formed Summer 1996 by Rachel Holborow (Bass and vocals), Marc Walker (drums) and Pete Dale (Guitar and vocals). First gig January 17th 1997 supporting VSS at Newcastle’s now-defunct Broken Doll. First single “Do what you feel (feel what you do)” on Slampt records was recorded in February of the same year, shortly followed by a UK tour in Spring and a 3 week European tour in the summer. The bands second single was issued in Autumn ’97 by Troubleman Unlimited, who have subsequently issued each of the Red Monkey albums for the US market.

The first album, “Make the Moment“, was also recorded in ’97 (busy year for a band with no manager, no publishing deal and very little money in the bank!) but was not released in the US until Spring 1998 to co-incide with the bands first (6 week, coast-to-coast) US tour. Also in early 1998 the band toured Ireland, the UK again and recorded its first (and so far only) Peel session. A third single was released by Kill Rock Stars in mid-98 adding to Red Monkey‘s renoun in the USA (very few people in the UK have ever taken much interest in the band, but they remain well respected and underground-popular in the US). A month-long European tour kept the band busy in Autumn ’98.

The second album, “Difficult is Easy“, was recorded in December ’98 but not released until Spring ’99, by which time the band had completed its third UK tour and was about to embark on its second US tour – 8 weeks of constant gigging, covering both coasts and lots of other parts of the US and Canada. The fourth single, “Get Uncivilised” on Troubleman, was also recorded in ’99 but not issued until 2000. The third album, “Gunpowder, Treason and Plot” came out in 2001 and was promoted with a third US tour, this time only covering the East Coast in a two week burst. Since then the band has been busy starting families, only playing locally in Newcastle. The only recorded output since 2001 is a split single with Erase Errata (2003). The band is currently working on material for a fourth LP on Troubleman and will be doing a few UK gigs in Summer 2004 with Dischord‘s Q AND NOT U.

Red Monkey‘s music is inspired by British late 1970s post-punk, 1990s US “math-rock”-type music, funk, jazz and whatever else. The main lyrical theme is positive, pro-DIY and general personal-as-political observations, with occasionally more explicit anti-establishment themes included. Since 2001, Joe Mask of Leeds’ BILGE PUMP has been playing extra guitar with the band. Red Monkey have played with FUGAZI, THE EX, ERASE ERRATA, Q AND NOT U, AT THE DRIVE IN, LUNGFISH, SWEEP THE LEG JOHNNY, SUBMISSION HOLD, BLONDE REDHEAD and many others. Each of these bands specifically requested that RM should play with them (as did other bands such as SLEATER KINNEY, though the gig never happened) which probably reflects the greatest truth about Red Monkey – that they are a band who are most enjoyed by other musicians.

  • 18+
  • Activity Book
  • Bike Song
  • Cakey Pig
  • Equate This
  • Fake Dagger Day
  • Gioco In Tre Dimensioni
  • Glitterglue and 1/3
  • (Ain’t nothing but a) Incendiary Device
  • In Her Own Write
  • Kissing With Tongues
  • Litmus Test
  • Luxury
  • Make a Mess
  • Missy
  • My Bed And Ancestory
  • No Negative
  • Not For Rent
  • Not Only
  • Paper Crown
  • Power And Dependence
  • Pro Choice
  • Rationale Showdown
  • Raw Prawn
  • Space Travel Versus Home
  • Straight Lines Don’t Fit
  • Teenagers are Boring
  • The Converse
  • The Exact Geographical Centre of Me
  • The Medium Is Not The Message
  • The Time is Right
  • The Way I Peel Oranges
  • Tresspass
  • Waiting For Now
  • Weight Of Should