Nick Jonah Davis

Nick Jonah Davis is a solo instrumental guitarist based in rural Derbyshire. Wire magazine have described his music as ‘visionary stuff‘, while Dusted note that ‘...he invites the listener into a world bounded by the resonance of his tunings and the vividness of his evolving melodies‘. Nick has released four albums to date including ‘House of Dragons‘, ‘Split Electric‘ (with C Joynes), and ‘Of Time and Tides‘. He was also featured on the fourth volume of Tompkins Square’s ongoing guitar compilation, ‘Imaginational Anthem‘, and their tribute album to Michael Chapman, Oh Michael, Look What You’ve Done’.

Live, Nick Jonah Davis has shared bills with performers including James Blackshaw, Michael Chapman, Cath and Phil TylerRichard Dawson and Alasdair Roberts. He also performed a concert at the 10th Annual New York Guitar Festival alongside legendary folklorist Max Ochs. Nick’s music has been played by BBC DJs including Stewart Maconie, Mark Radcliffe, Tom Robinson and Nick Luscombe. Nick continues to write and record new music, both as a solo artist and in the duo Fains, who opened the 2015 Supersonic festival.

  • A Broken Circle
  • Cold Wind On The Long Mynd
  • Corksniffer’s Delight
  • Death And The Monkey
  • Double Peace
  • Farewell Sad Flower
  • Fred and Evelyn
  • House Of Dragons
  • Howie Heads For The Hills
  • Mari Christina
  • Nine Stones Close
  • Nocturne
  • Of Time And Tides
  • Pili Pala
  • Poa Kichizi
  • San Cristobal De Las Casas
  • Scaraboo
  • Sigil Eyes
  • The Illumination Of Nelson Fortune
  • The Narrow Bridge
  • The Peace Of Running Water
  • The Stansville Strut
  • Twiga
  • When The Fish Fly And The Seas Run Dry
  • William Sathya
  • Wooden Winds
  • Zanzibar Chai