2013 will mark the short and sweet 19th anniversary of one of underground punks’ most bizarre and insanely prolific trio The MCRACKINS. Formed in 1994 after a freak nuclear accident on a farm just outside of Vancouver, Canada in which brothers Fil, Bil, and Spot were suddenly transformed into two hard boiled eggs and a disobedient dog with super pop-punk powers. These self proclaimed bastard sons of The Ramones and Kiss have never looked back since that fateful day.
While the world at large exiled and turned their back on these strange mutations, with nothing better to do than sit around drinking beer all day long, The MCRACKINS set out on a quest to write, record, and release more records than any of their mere mortal counterparts and prove that they were more than just freaks of nature. Armed with a thousand insanely catchy songs, a six-pack, and an unmatched 3-chord buzzsaw bubblepunk attack, the band was soon discovered by Shredder Records in the U.S.A (The label that brought you Jawbreaker and Parasites etc) who knew they had stumbled onto something weird, yet wonderful and unique and promptly issued The MCRACKINS debut album “What Came First?”. This 1995 album turned out to be a surprise hit for an unknown band and became ground zero for the barrage of recording, releases and live shows that would amaze and astound curious wide-eyed onlookers, music critics, and fans alike while building a cult-like following around the world that would continue to this day.It’s a well known joke (or yolk if you will) that their discography reads like the rap sheet of a seasoned criminal, as they have had nearly 250 songs released by over 60 different record labels around the globe as 70 separate CD, EP, LP , 7” and compilation releases. The fun don’t end there, as the barn yard hooligans also found time to bring their elusive and rare kick-ass ball of pop-punk energy, and humorous fun-filled live spectacle to many clubs and stages across 14 countries to date, including multiple tours of Europe, U.S.A, and Canada. To add to their overwhelming list of savant like accomplishments, the MCRACKINS have also recorded live sessions for the BBC, made cameo appearances in movies and television commercials, have been featured on numerous radio and television shows and continue to light up the request lines at college radio stations everywhere.Well, that’s how it goes in the zany world of the MCRACKINS. What could be more normal than a pop-punk trio with two egg guitar players backed by a drumming dog? If it’s a “gimmick”, it would surely rate as one of the all time worst ever, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re just fuckin crazy!!

Web Site:

  • Turnip Truck
  • Cretinville
  • Envelope
  • Cold Sore Kid
  • Kiss Me In The Morning
  • Looney Toons
  • See You Around
  • I Tripped
  • The Heart
  • Sad Happy
  • Dunce Boy
  • What Comes Around
  • Lock The Door
  • Lonesome
  • Spazz
  • Bike Fight
  • She Gotta
  • Ballad Of Ed Dang
  • It’s Raining
  • Pop Tart
  • Oi, Oi, Oi