Long Decline

Kenny Wisdom started the Long Decline in 1993. An early line-up, icluding punk legend Mark Perry (Alternative TV) recorded their first single ‘I’m A Jew‘ in 1997. It received the NMESingle Of The Week‘ accolade. Mixing punk attitude with folk instrumentation, the band were augmented by Vic Godard (Subway Sect) on recorded their first self-titled album for Overground Records.

Their next CD ‘Wisdomism‘ came out in 2000 on the USA Wabana label. Featuring a floating line-up, Kenny’s main collaborator was Lee McFadden on guitar and mandolin. Though many tracks were acoustic based, this didn’t stop the band going into Beach Boys territory on ‘Beat It Boys‘ or the punky ‘Mama Wouldn’t Let Me Play With Dolls‘. As always Kenny’s lyrics were thought provoking and disturbing. Vic Godard and Gina Birch (Raincoats) made guest appearances.

The new album ‘Decomposure‘ came out in June 2004 on Mark Perry’s revitalised Step Forward label. With a more settled line-up and a rockier sound this is the band’s most cohesive album. Kenny and Lee are joined by Jowe Head (Swell Maps, Television Personalities), David Dodd and Mina Sassoon. Guests include Vic Godard and Sexton Ming.

  • The Dingles
  • Back To Death
  • Patsy
  • Drugs
  • Let’s Hitchike
  • Make My Life Hell
  • Buckle Up And Join In Lad
  • Fright Flight
  • I’m Hipper Than You
  • The Island
  • Know The Rules
  • Bedsitter Blues
  • Call To Me
  • A Pox On Humanity
  • Feathers
  • Like A Blind Man
  • I’m A Jew
  • The Long Decline
  • Reflections
  • Words Of Wisdom
  • My Story Is Over
  • Beat It Boys (You’re Really Jerks)
  • October
  • A Hotel Room In Wisconsin
  • Crumb
  • Mary No
  • My Mama Wouldn’t Let Me Play With Dolls
  • Wisdomism