Kodiak were Steven Malley (guitars), Roy Fox (vocals), Marc Walker (drums) and Anti Hochler (bass). Resident in Newcastle (somewhere along the road between Fugazi and REM, near the turn off to Sonic Youth). The nucleus were from punk stalwarts CRANE who released albums on Meantime and Workers Playtime and toured Europe extensively with Fugazi.

Everyone in Newcastle loved this band with a fierce passion. You’d feel the same if you had the pure, raw emotion (I swear the guitars bleed!) of Kodiak in your backyard. Word spread – ‘Emotional Rail‘ got them into the NME Turn Ons Chart and an excellent NME Live Review – consolidated by recent tours with The Promise Ring and Leatherface. Their follow-up The Upsetter earned them rave reviews in Kerrang! and Record Collector and support from John Peel.

Sadly the band dissolved prior to their posthumously released debut album.

“Tough, emotional, intense, fluid, rockin!” – Melody Maker

“Kodiak certainly like their chugging guitars almost as much as they like weirdness and prominent choruses” – Kerrang!

“Kodiak have got a wonderful knack of creating weighty and eccentric riffs that jump out of the speakers and then break headlong into a rocking chorus that will wrap itself around your head on the premiere listen” – Fracture

“A welcomely uptempo setting and guitars the size of several moons” – Kerrang!

  • Emotional Rail
  • Little Star
  • Burning Bridges
  • The Upsetter
  • Lactical
  • A Lover
  • Tone Arm
  • Sun Goes Down
  • Here It Comes
  • Barnyard
  • Flow Down
  • R.D.A.
  • 29
  • Red Leaf
  • Zero
  • Watch Me