John Fairhurst

Often hailed as ‘Wigan’s answer to Jimi Hendrix’, John Fairhurst has been wooing the live circuit for over a decade with his astounding guitar skills, but it was arguably 2016 that saw him break through to international demand.

Touring the Netherlands with Dutch act My Baby including sold out shows at Amsterdam’s Paradiso, Fairhurst played to rapturous audiences across a rammed festival schedule with no less than nine shows at Glastonbury alone, as well as Boomtown, Secret Garden Party, Shambala, Green Gathering, Small World, Bimble Bandada and countless others.

Kicking off 2017 with a sweatbox show at the famous 100 Club for London Blues Week alongside Eric Sardinas (Steve Vai), John’s ascent shows no signs of slowing.

Acoustic Guitar Magazine USA recently hailed Fairhurst as in the Top 3 Resonator guitar players worldwide, being the only European on the list.

His headline slot of Blues Alive Festival was aired across Czech National Television, while his music also featured on several movie soundtracks including ‘Plan Z’ and the upcoming Martin Scorsese feature.

Playing both solo and with the Royal Academy of Music graduate Nina Harries on double bass and renowned drummer Nuno Brito, Fairhurst spent the best part of the year on the road, with 2017’s tour schedule already booked well into the autumn. With the Guardian hailing his debut album ‘Joys of Spring’ as ‘Truly exquisite’, his follow-up album ‘Saltwater’ was met with similar critical acclaim.

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  • Rant
  • Daylight
  • Pay Day
  • Lost My Mind
  • Wire Donkey
  • Big Dig
  • Earworm
  • Goodbye
  • Up On The Hill
  • The Snow Lies Deep
  • Light My Way
  • I Don’t Know
  • Hungry Blues
  • Obnox Stomp
  • Passing Time
  • Yew Tree Blues
  • At The River
  • Blues For Bill
  • Shivver
  • On The Run
  • Friends
  • How Far How Fast
  • Dawn
  • Joys Of Spring
  • Obnox Stomp (50 Hz Mix)
  • Breakdown
  • Who You Fooling
  • More More More
  • Time Goes By
  • I’m Coming Home
  • No Shelter
  • Black Cat
  • Dance In The Pines
  • Saltwater
  • The Divided Kingdom
  • Blood and Fire
  • Hungry Blues (slight return)
  • Lies and a .45
  • Fear
  • Boss Man
  • Gonna See My Baby
  • And We Dance The Merry Dance