Homes For The Elite

‘Barbed tunes for barbed times’ is how new London based four piece Homes For The Elite describe their music. Video maker Buttz TV (who is making the official Rebellion DVD) describes them as “The first East London conspiracy/dread/laptop-punk-band”. The band plan a series of FREE digital releases before unleashing their debut vinyl 7” in the autumn. They plan a short tour at this time too.

The band are managed by Thomas Evrenos who owns the famous Pipeline bar in East London’s Middlesex St where they have their base (and will make their live debut). The band are published by Wipe Out Music home of those other laptop toting ‘political punks’ Sleaford Mods

Havitol’ is accompanied by two other tracks ‘Debunked’ and the VERY anti-Tory Government ‘Ministry Of Death’.

  • Adidas Smack
  • Bless This House
  • The Chip
  • Debunked
  • Drones
  • Fucked White
  • Havitol
  • Minestry Of Death
  • Running With The Enemy