Henry’s Funeral Shoe

Henry’s Funeral Shoe was formed by two brothers in 2008 from South Wales, inspired and influenced by many of the albums that singer/guitarist Aled Clifford had looted from his father’s vinyl collection when he was growing up. The Who, CCR, Peter Green, Robert Johnson and the Beatles were favourites, and Aled quickly became a gifted guitar player, aided and taught by Ned Edwards, a long time collaborator of Van Morrison.

Aled soon played with various bands, eventually doing some recording sessions for producer Ian Grimble, and even recording at the legendary Abbey Road studios. His younger brother Brennig started playing drums at nine. At fifteen he joined a local band, learning his trade by performing covers of The Clash and Thin Lizzy before moving on to writing original material. The dexterous brothers have finally joined forces to create some of the loudest soulful rock’n’roll to come out the UK in a long time.

The band have had a lot of sync successes including a Fiat car advert featuring Charlie Sheen as well as a number of television programs in the UK, Europe and America and notably the 2011 American film Puncture starring Chris Evans (Captain America, The Fantastic Four). Marshall also used the track Overflow in an ad promoting their new headphone range.

“One of the few authentic sounding British blues-rock bands touring the circuit today.”
Blues Matters

“Thumping good music with a timeless sound. They have an ear for a hit and deliver in killers not fillers.”
Classic Rock Magazine

“One’s to watch”
Guitarist Magazine

“Stomping albums by Welsh blues brothers”
Uncut Magazine

“Welsh Brothers boogie out of their garage”
Mojo Magazine

“By the look of tonight’s crowd, they got a following bordering on fanatical. Great big fat blues infused bells that I’m sure are still ringing in my ears.”
Louder Than War


Henry’s Funeral Shoe
Down The Line
Don’t Lose The Rhythm
Stranger Dig
It’s A Long Way
Maria Maria
Empty Church
Coming On Through
Second Hand Prayer
Mary’s Tune
Be Your Own Invention
Love Is A Fever
Bottom To Top
Anvil And Chains
Dog Scratch Ear
Mission And Maintenance
The Walking Crawl
Heart On Fire
Give Me Back My Morphine
Across The Sky
Janice The Stripper Pt1
Grown So Angry
Don’t Go Leaving
Janice The Stripper Pt2
Damn Right I Mean It
Everyone Says Hi
The Fear
Smart Phone Rabbit Hole
Same Boat
Quick As A Hiccup
High Shoulders Everywhere
Ball & Chain
Firing Line
Right Time
Room On A Windowsill
Shakespears Woolshop
The First