Headsticks‘ distinct brand of punked up roots rock and roll blends barbed lyrics, anthemic choruses, and addictive melodies to create passion infused performances oozing honesty, integrity and raw energy, all delivered with a wry humour! Live performances, as well as their debut album ‘Muster‘ and follow up album ‘Feather and Flame‘ continue to receive rave reviews from pillars of both the world of folk and world of punk and it is little wonder that their unique style is attracting attention from near and far as the band continue their epic crusade to say it like it is!

Formed in late 2012 the band boasts former members of some of the regions most successful folk crossover bands Tower Struck Down, Jugopunch, and The Clay Faces whose reputations are stand alone having played with some of the biggest names in the world of Folk and Roots…..now with a new vigour, and an even more passion infused delivery, these musicians bring something very new to the fore, and do so with the energy, enthusiasm, and belief that is far more than just another band performance.

Having released a well received debut three track E.P. in the spring of 2013 showcasing songs from their live set of raw edged, protagonist gems, Headsticks set about further developing their repertoire and did so with characteristic gusto, winning friends and admirers across the country as they played festival after festival and gig after gig, supporting some of the most well regarded names in both the folk and punk/alternative genres to widespread acclaim, whilst at the same time earning positive reviews in both the folk and punk publications and sites, and airplay aplenty from stations and podcasts across the world.

Early summer 2014 saw the release of their debut album ‘Muster‘, instantly acclaimed, and by the end of the year having been regarded as album of the year by several publications and websites, and even being highly recommended in National newspaper ‘The Morning Star‘ in their album of the year column. Airplay continued at a very pleasing rate, songs played on shows of all genres across the country, and way beyond…..and gigs continued to be well received as work began on an extensive set of dates through spring and summer 2015 including appearances at an abundance of UK festivals.

Spring 2016 saw the release of their second album, ‘Feather and Flame‘, an eleven track album with which the band enhanced their growing reputation as purveyors of musical insubordination!!!…folk with a raw punky edge or punk with a folky twist depending upon your point of view…..delivered with rasping harmonicas, hard hitting vocals, driving guitars, commanding bass, and compelling drums, this is punked up roots rock and roll at its most heartfelt, yet at it’s most uplifting and certainly at it’s most honest and forthright.

Autumn/winter 2016 sees the band embarking on a seemingless never ending crusade! Festivals and high profile gigs lined up in abundance and 2017 looks like being increasingly busy with festivals, venues and promoters keen to secure thier services as Headsticks‘ profile continues to rise on the back of outsatnding live prformances on this years festival circuit and fine reviews and articles in national magazines such as R2 (***** review) and relentless promotional campaigns on social media and national magazines a like…..the time is surely now right for revolution!!!


  • Big Game Hunter
  • Soaps and Costume Dramas
  • Mr. I’m Alright Jack
  • Dying for A Lie
  • Family Tree
  • What Do You Want
  • Cold Grey English Skies
  • Old Folk Songs
  • Foxford Town
  • Pay The Price
  • Tomorrow’s History
  • Every Single Day
  • Burn The Sun
  • Falling Out Of Love Song
  • Flatline Town
  • Are You Feeling Great, Britain?
  • Paper Flowers
  • You’re Killing Me America
  • Two Sides
  • Wishing
  • Fanatics
  • Ghosts
  • Teenage Widow
  • Every Dog Will Have Its Day
  • I Love The Way
  • Mississippi’s Burning,
  • World Away
  • Cold
  • Family Tree
  • I Love You (But I’ll never understand you)
  • Mr. I’m Alright Jack
  • When?
  • What If They’re Right?
  • My Own War
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • All of the Trees
  • Baboon Shepherd
  • Peace or War?
  • Cynical
  • Song For Song Sake
  • Matter Of Time
  • When The Sun Turns Black
  • Out Of Fashion
  • Mushrooms