Grimetime take the sleaze and the badass bop of sixties biker film soundtracks and punk it up another gear. High octane, oily and delinquent rock and roll to grease up the gear-shifting delinquents of yesteryear with New Wave wire spoked wheels. Fuzzed up guitar, septic synths and the deep bass rumble of something rotten, roll their psychedelic cycles down a road of ruin. Low-Fi fuelled, dark, dirty and doomed, Grimetime do the ton for fun. They don’t like anything and no one likes them.

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  • There Is No God
  • Big Fish
  • Blurred
  • This Is The End Of The Time Of My Life
  • Kill Somebody
  • Pylon
  • Sameday
  • Batterhouse
  • Grime (Eat Up My People)