Flux Of Pink Indians

Flux of Pink Indians were a UK punk band formed from the ashes of the Epileptics (who later changed their name to The Licks due to letters of complaint from The British Epilepsy Association).

Two surviving members were Colin Latter (vocals) and Derek Birkett (bass), who would go on to form Flux Of Pink Indians, with guitarist Andy and drummer Sid. Their debut EP Neu Smell emerged on Crass Records. Alongside standard rejections of society, war, and the eating of flesh lay the joyful “Tube Disasters”, the sort of humour that was in short order in the grim world of anarcho punk. Sid (later Rubella Ballet) was soon replaced by Bambi, formerly of Discharge, while Andy was replaced by Simon. However, both departed quickly for their original band, the Insane, and were replaced by old Epileptics guitarist Kevin Hunter and drummer Martin Wilson.

Flux of Pink Indians debut album, Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible, confirmed the promise of the single, and premiered the band’s own Spiderleg label. Alongside standard thrash numbers were highly perceptive attacks on consumer society. The anti-religious “Is Anybody There” was a particularly effective example, using simple but jarring lyrics to emphasize its point.

The follow-up, The Fucking Cunts Treat Us Like Pricks, was unsurprisingly banned by retailers HMV, and copies were seized by Greater Manchester police from Eastern Bloc record shop, which was charged with displaying “Obscene Articles For Publication For Gain”. The album, ironically, concerned violence between men and women, based on the experiences of a band member who had been sexually assaulted. However, the music contained within was little short of a directionless cacophony.

Uncarved Block was the most unexpected of the band’s three studio albums, delivering more polemic allied to dance and funk rhythms that left their previous audience totally nonplussed. It was a dreadful effort.

  • Song For Them
  • Some Of Us Scream
  • Take Heed
  • T.V. Dinners
  • Tapioca Sunrise
  • Progress
  • They Lie We Die
  • Blinded By Science
  • Myxamotosis
  • Is Anybody There?
  • The Fun Is Over
  • Neu Smell Poem
  • Tube Disasters
  • Sick Butchers
  • Background Of Malfunction