Exit Stance formed in 1982, when 3 members; Sean, Dave and Jevs. of a Milton Keynes based punk band called ‘Ethnic Minority’ wanted to create a band of noise with a voice to provoke change.

After some months with a short set and an experimental drummer, they set out under the name of ‘Fuck Authority’ setting up and doing a few local gigs, one of which was supporting Flux of Pink Indians before having to change their name due to legal action against the use of ‘Fuck’ by the local legal establishment, so taking the name ‘Exit-Stance’ from a poison girls poster (which seemed fitting to the situation).

After performing the gig supporting Flux of Pink Indians the band realised they need to up their game as Flux played an amazingly powerful set, so a new drummer with power was recruited and the sound was transformed, Andy a left-handed drummer gave the band a more tribal heavy sound that complimented the heavy basslines and minimal guitar riffs. a set was created and taken into a local studio to record the band’s first demo tape ‘Shall We Recapture India On Monday’ then full of determination the band organised and set off on a tour of the South East of England, which comprised of several gigs in and around Brighton, but the tour was cut short when local parish councils took a dislike to the religious imagery of Jesus on a broken cross in the bands name/logo on the gig posters and got the gigs cancelled in the town & village halls where they were due to play, so only 3 gigs happened.

On meeting up with many other like minded people, joining forces with others to bring about change through action and organised protest by the Anarchist punk community, members of the band joined hundreds of others on the first “Stop the City” protest in London, where they met the Vauxhall Squatters and friends including Dave Tibet and Annie Anxiety and again members of Flux of Pink Indians Colin & Derek, who gave support, guidance and encouragement, the band became active in the London anarcho punk scene, doing benefit gigs to help pay towards peoples fines and costs that came with prosecution after they had exercised their right to protest against war, racism, vivisection, human and animal rights and corporate exploitation of the masses for the profit of the few.

At one benefit gig set up by Conflict at Brixton Academy a couple of the band met Colin and gave him a copy of the bands demo tape. Colin later contacted the band offering them a track on the Mortarhate compilation release “Who. What. Why. When. Where” for which ‘Operation Successful’ was donated.

On the strength of that the band was offered the rest of that weekends studio time to record as much material as they could, out of which the 7” single ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ and the 12” EP ‘While Backs Are Turned’

The Crimes Against Humanity single was released soon after the compilation LP and was given single of the week in ‘Sounds’. Followed later that year by while backs are turned. Conflict invited Exit-Stance to support them on their next British tour ‘The Battle Continues’, which they accepted and off they went in a borrowed car, which unfortunately died on the motorway, so after traveling by train along the south coast gigging, the band shared the Conflict transit van, with all the back line and drum kit to boot.

This was a hard tour with most of the gigs in the north being benefit gigs supporting the mining communities, who were on strike over mine closures by the Thatcher government. With no money, not a lot to eat and drink and living on peoples good will and charity took its toll on some members and Andy the drummer left due to ill health, another drummer Daz was recruited but touring took its toll on him too, which led to a gig in Worthing where Paco stood in for a couple of numbers, who’s powerful drumming reminded the band that powerful drums was what was required so Andy was re-recruited and a new vision on how to proceed was born, with less support from Conflict and taking more of a lead and playing more gigs with bands like Subhumans, Rubella Ballet, Liberty, Lost Cherries and Anti-Sect (to name but a few) headlining more of their own gigs and still the occasional support gig with conflict.

It was a busy time with not much time to focus on their own lives or even a new set, so the pace was slowed, and the band started on producing new material for a future LP, but the pace slowed to a stop, enthusiasm lost and an unreliable guitarist, resulted in the band disbanding in 1986. Mortarhate was a non-profit record label set up by Conflict, so no money was made on record sales for the band, and gigs were also non-profit benefit gigs, so there was no money earned on these tours or on record sales, so basically being in a protest punk band was unsustainable.
The ‘Anarcho Punk’ movement had also become very regimented, based on an unwritten criterion, freedom of expression was now judged, and your credentials checked against ‘The Anarchists Rule Book’. All this helped contribute to the bands demise.

In 2003 band member Jevs received a phone call from the USA, Brian from GTA wanted to sign the band and release all the material that had been recorded, but there wasn’t enough usable material so Jevs, Sean & Andy got together, recruited 2 guitarists and started working on a new set. Dave the original guitarist could not be found as he had moved to Manchester and not been seen since, so the band worked on and went into the studio, before the deal with GTA was complete and the new material recorded. Dave was eventually found through a mutual friend and a meet was arranged, Dave was invited to join the recording sessions, but after a few practices it was apparent it wasn’t working. then out of the blue a phone call from an angry Brian in the USA revealed that Mortarhate were re-releasing the old recordings on CD without the bands consent. it later transpired that Dave had met up with Colin of Conflict and given him everything he had band related, so the deal with GTA was off, and through anger and disappointment the band split again.

In 2016 Jevs was again approached by Westworld music, a new label set up by Plastic Head Distribution, and the wheels were set in motion again, but the band wanted to be more independent and this time decided to give it another go and release the material they recorded in the early 2000’s in collaboration with a local independent punk record producer ‘Imminent Destruction Records’ and a new 12” record was eventually produced and released in 2017 called ‘Saying Nothing, But Speaking My Mind’.

The band are still active and are aiming to produce their own material on their own label in the future but are not a functioning band yet.
Exit-Stance wants to finish what it started, so watch this space and show them your support.

Exit Stance website

A Las Barricadas
Anthem for doomed youth
Ballykelly disco
Blinded by fear
Bring back hanging
Christian Militia
Condemned to die
Dog Eat God
Eager to destroy
I have no gun (but I can spit)
In the name of science
Mankinds hand
Nuclear stockpiles
Operation successful (patient dead)
Pass the ammunition
Political violence
Retch with Mother
Saying Nothing
The great dictator
The shit still stinks
The voiceless now have a voice Part 1
The voiceless now have a voice Part 2
They built the bomb
They kill dogs
Veil of secrecy
What hope for the future
Who benefits
Whole world blind
Your system created