Elektroklange, German for electronic sounds, is a Swedish techno pop act based in Stockholm. Elektroklänge makes strictly non-improvised and meticulously programmed techno pop music, taking its cue from a rather well-known German group based in Düsseldorf.

The signature Elektroklänge sound combines repetitive rhythms with simple melodies. The instrumentation is minimalistic and strictly electronic. All lyrics are sung through vocoders and/or generated by speech synthesis. While remaining true to the Düsseldorf sound, Elektroklänge adds and develops the sound in sometimes unexpected directions and occasionally employs the piano.

In April 2015 Elektroklänge’s debut single “Hello World!” was released. The upcoming EP “Mechanische Tänze Nos. 1-4” is under construction and is set to be released in summer 2015.


  • Approach to Tokyo
  • Hello World!
  • Hello World! (Instrumental)
  • Mechanical Dance
  • On-Screen Text
  • Les Mannequins Inconnus (Original Mix)