Between 1995 and 1999 The Drags firmly established themselves as cult garage punk rockers par excellence. This Albuquerque trio sound like a mutant crossbreeding of The Gories, Trashwomen, Supercharger and The Ramones – loud and dirty,

“The rawest, most fucked up garage combo ever” Roctober “Dredging the dreck of lo-fi, hi-octane blues, Albuquerque’s Drags dish diamond-size ditties that drip with dissonance. Dabbling in the danky drunk-tank among the Cramps, Gories, and Headcoats, the Drags delve deep to deliver deafening drawls with drama and doggerel. Dangerous and daring,

The Drags debut demonstrates discordant dexterity to delightful dispatch, a dandy defence against the degenerate doldrums. Drink a daily dose” – SF Weekly

“The sickest, nastiest garage-punker I’ve heard in ages. The Drags have more attitude than just about any group I’ve ever heard. I just hope they can keep it up. Hell, even if they can’t, this rant’s enough to guarantee any band its place in the annals of punk history” – The Teen Scene

The Drags are a down and dirty trio from New Mexico who bust out some serious garage rock helpings that will have you coming back for seconds, thirds, and fourths. I want more!” -Flipside

“The Drags are the closest thing I’ve heard to the sacred Sonics this side of the original – and this trio isn’t precisely derivative, just decidedly tuff-minded and direct about their work” – Seattle Rocket

“Bad ass super trash. Short songs that have a lot of punk rock style and super hard hitting rotten guitars, tight snares and distorted bass” – Giant Robot

Web Site: www.grunnenrocks.nl/index.html?bands/d/drags.htm

  • Conspiracy
  • That Girl Is Coming Around