After their first self-released album Deadline joined the Captain Oi! label and released the highly successful ‘Back For More‘ album. The ground-breaking album merged the attitude and strength of streetpunk with wonderful powerfully warm, spine-tingling female vocal lines resulting in huge sales and a massive fan base that includes as many girls as it does fellas.

This success brought them to the attention of People Like You who last year released their third album ‘Getting Serious‘. The album was featured heavily on Radio 1‘s The Lock Up and generated features in magazines as varied as The Observer, Big Cheese, Total Tattoo and Terrorizer. International success now beckoned. The album sold over 10.000 copies in Europe and the band became one of the largest on the European punk circuit playing at every major punk festival in the UK and beyond.

In 2006, apart from the multitude of their own headlining gigs Deadline played (and are playing) at all the top punk all-dayers including Wasted, Academy In The UK and Speedfreaks Ball. Rancid are huge fans and requested they support them at their London show in November.

The songs have been flowing since 2007 and they’ve picked the best ones for ‘Bring The House Down‘, their 5th full length record. They’re still the Deadline you know and love, but with a few surprises. Their latest addition, Doudou on guitar, persuaded Liz she needed to record abroad and dragged her to his studio in France to make use of “the best equipment in the world”. After 5 weeks of hard slog and arguments, and numerous channel crossings, Deadline proudly present this album to their faithful fans and new comers alike and hope that you all enjoy the sound and songs as much as they do.

Deadline have not been lazy with their time away from the studio. They have travelled extensively across Europe, completing two headline tours in the last 12 months alone. Add to this the many festivals and long weekends and you get the picture.

No other punk band combines the frenetic energy of hardcore and streetpunk with addictive female vocals and no other band sounds like Deadline.

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  • Back For More
  • Time Ran Out
  • Last Night
  • Get Away
  • The Way We Were
  • Liar
  • Going Nowhere
  • Easy Life
  • On The Road
  • What You Think
  • Round The Bend
  • One More Day
  • The World Keeps Turning
  • Serious
  • Take No Chances
  • Wave You Goodbye
  • Long Way Home
  • Come Out To Play
  • Taken For A Ride
  • Out Of Luck
  • Who Are You?
  • This Girl
  • In My Eyes
  • Nice Guy
  • Secrets
  • Pearly Gates
  • Blood On Your Hands
  • Give It Back
  • 1975
  • Do You Think?
  • Pretences
  • Take A Good Look
  • Keep On Running
  • I Won’t Give
  • Hey You!
  • Round The Corner
  • Hold On Me
  • Excuses
  • All I Ever Wanted
  • Moving Lines
  • Too Late Tomorrow
  • We’re Taking Over
  • We Are Not American
  • 99%
  • For Better Or Worse
  • The Trouble Is
  • 2 Heads (Are Better Than One)
  • Breakdown Baby
  • Bring The House Down
  • Na Na Na
  • Shout It Out Loud
  • Fraud
  • Thorn In My Side
  • What’s Going On