Like so many classic Soul singers, Charlene began singing in church, at a very young age. She is 19 and lives in Paris, France.

Ludovic Bors QSounds’ boss heard her when she was only 15 and instantly knew he had met a unique Soul personality.

Forward to summer 2014 and L. Bors decided to produce the young singer’s first single. He asked to QSound’s songwriter Christelle Amoussou to write a couple of songs especially for the young girl. The record was released in February 2015, and was an immediate success in the cult world of Soul music. The single was so successful and Charlene was so enthusiastic that the label decided to create a whole repertoire. QSounds called the same team : Bors, Amoussou, Demantké, with bass player A.Dandelot and a new guitar player Y.Czerczuk.

Since summer 2015, the young singer and her band have played their powerful and inspired Soul music in front of many different crowds, even opening for Daptone’s Saun & Starr in Paris. She will release a new single in March 2016, followed by a debut album later in the year.

Charlene -QSounds

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