Since playing their first gig in 2001 Bearsuit have notched up four Radio 1 sessions on the legendary John Peel show and three Festive 50 top five hits, including the number 2 slot in 2004 with their latest single Chargr.

Last summer the six-piece took their tunes to Sweden’s finest art-rock noise-pop festival Emmaboda where they played alongside Kaito and Deerhoof, before playing dates in Amsterdam with Magoo. The band released their debut album Cat Spectacular! in America on March 28th 2005 and it’s currently on rotation at more than 60 radio stations across the U.S. The band have a busy summer schedule ahead including a full U.K tour, several European festival dates and their first American tour.

With five singles, an EP, one album, and a variety of outlandish stage gear – blood soaked prom dresses, ‘nurses of death’ outfits and silver bear-bot wear to name but a few – Bearsuit are certainly a band to catch if you can.

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  • Welcome Bearsuit Spacehotel
  • Cookie Oh Jesus
  • Rodent Disco
  • Cherryade
  • I Feel The Heat Of The Light From Heaven
  • Going Steady
  • Itsuko Got Married
  • Prove Katie Wrongg
  • Tstm
  • Diagonal Girl
  • Kiki Keep Me Company
  • On Your Special Day
  • 14>28. What Are You The Magic Man?
  • A Plea
  • Blind Swimmer
  • Busy Needles
  • Chargr
  • Come Around
  • Dinosaur Heart
  • Disembowel The Demonkind
  • Drinkink
  • Duran Duran
  • Fears Of Moonpilot Ben
  • Found New Levers
  • Hark The Feral Children Sing
  • Hei Joska, Hei Jokkunen
  • Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck
  • Hovercar
  • I Thought You Said You Were Blind
  • Just Give Him What He Wants
  • Keep It Together Somehow
  • Little Donkey
  • Look A Bleached Coral-Faced Crow With Jewels For Eyes
  • Minerals Made Me
  • Mission IO Must Not Fail
  • More Soul Than Wigan Casino
  • Music Belt
  • Poor Prince Neal
  • Pushover
  • Return Of Rotor
  • Robot Arms
  • Shh Get Out
  • Snowshow
  • Stay Alive
  • Steven Fucking Spielberg
  • Stop What You’re Doing, What You’re Doing Is Wrong
  • The Gazumper
  • The Love Will Never Find You
  • The Weight Of It
  • Tiny Barnes
  • Truly Sherri
  • What, You’ve Never Seen Snow Before?