Bare Roots

Hailing from the working-class suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), BARE ROOTS combine 80s soundscapes with 90s soulful rock and roll. The band was formed by school mates Anthony Francis (vocals, guitar), Joe Anderson (bass) and Martin Corkhill (drums) who later joined forces with Ollie Petrie (guitar).

Their debut single Ride the Wave is a timely exploration of contemporary working-class culture recorded and produced in the band’s DIY home studio. Lyrically, the track will resonate with those who feel disillusioned with a monotonous or unrewarding 9 to 5. The song materialised when frontman Anthony Francis encountered countless people actively pursuing fulfilling careers whilst working in a bar in a Newcastle hotel. Its dynamic structure and rousing, punchy chorus, however, ensure the track remains ultimately hopeful in its outlook.

BARE ROOTS draws influences from bands like Pearl Jam and The War On Drugs, with a firm emphasis placed on homegrown values and the importance of self-worth.


  • Ride The Wave
  • Always
  • Away Too Long
  • Dirty Feet