Airport Girl

Airport Girl were formed in 1997 with most of the members based in the Nottingham/Leicester/Derby area. Their influences range from the Scottish pop sounds of The Pastels and Belle and Sebastian to the American flavours of The Modern Lovers and Pavement.

Merging the inward gaze of lo-fi with the more gregarious pleasures of indie pop, Airport Girl are a six-piece (sometimes eight-piece) ensemble from England who has quietly amassed an impressive résumé, recording for some of the nation’s most well-respected independent labels. Airport Girl’s core lineup includes Rob Price on guitar, banjo, harmonica, and vocals, Robert Perris on lead guitar, Sean Price on bass, David Hill on keyboards, Richard Blackburn on electric piano, and Jon Troy on drums; auxiliary members Tom McClure on violin and Rob Fleay on trumpet work with the group as their schedules permit.

Airport Girl made their recorded debut in the spring of 1998 with a 7″ EP on Fortuna Pop, Between Delta & Delaware; a few months later, they appeared on Seven Summers, a compilation released by Kindercore Records. In the fall of 2000, Airport Girl released their epic pop statement “The Foolishness That We Create Through Love Is the Closest We Come to Greatness” as a single on Fortuna Pop; it was a preview of the group’s first full-length album, Honey, I’m an Artist, which was issued by Matinee Recordings near the end of 2000. A four-song EP, Do You Dream in Color?, appeared on Matinee in 2003, while Where It’s at Is Where You Are Records issued a 7″ single, “Salinger Wrote” b/w “Emmaweg House,” in 2004. In early 2007, Airport Girl’s second full-length album, the eagerly awaited Slow Light, finally appeared through Fortuna Pop.


  • Airport Girl
  • Between Delta And Delaware
  • Cold
  • Frostbite
  • Glitterball
  • Hey! Crayola
  • Home On The Range
  • I’m Wrong, You’re Right
  • I Never Liked The Look Of You
  • Love Runs Clean
  • Power Yr Trip
  • Shine Like Stars
  • Song For David Jones
  • Striking Out On Your Own
  • Surf #7 Wave
  • The Foolishness That We Create Through Love (…)
  • The Kids Just Want Cool Sounds
  • This Could Be The Start Of Something Small
  • You Fill Me Up (I Lose)
  • There’s A Crisis InYour Past
  • Hold Me Through The Night
  • Don’t Let Me Down Again
  • Ode To The City
  • I’ve Seen Mexico
  • The Weather Song
  • Twice Around The Bay
  • How Long Can This Go On?
  • Show Me The Way
  • Low Coin (Lullaby)
  • Bull Fighting