USA Grindhouse TV Series ‘Blood Drive’ Comes To The UK

We’ve been waiting for the most depraved TV show to come to the UK and finally it has. Controversial in the USA, the SyFy Channel have finally picked it up and it commences on Thursday 10th August at 10pm.

We are super-excited because the first episode features the music of none other than Avalanche Party with ‘Revolution’. A perfect track if ever there was.

New TV series Blood Drive looks like something Quentin Tarantino would have dreamed up after a night of drinking.

Paying homage to the grindhouse films which so inspired the Death Proof director, the show – which will air on US channel Syfy – focuses on a cross-country death race featuring cars that, you guessed it, run on blood.

In the trailer, a voiceover can be heard saying: “In the distant future of 1999, a global shortage has ravaged civilization. Instead of going green, we went red.“ That’s because the cars run on blood.

The series, set in 1999, will feature plenty of debauched action as can be glimpsed in the first trailer which sees lead stars Alan Ritchson and Christina Ochoa coming across all manners of crazy characters including monsters and cannibals.

The official description reads: In the tradition of classic grindhouse movies, Blood Drive is a new series soaked in high-octane chaos and just barely approved for television. After Los Angeles’ last good cop (Alan Ritchson) is forced to join a twisted cross-country death race, his only hope of survival is a dangerous femme fatale who has the need for speed (Christina Ochoa). Oh, and forget gasoline… these cars run on human blood!“