The Darts (US) Music Used In E4’s Tattoo Fixers On Holiday


All girl group The Darts (US) pull no punches when it comes to making an impression. Therefore it comes as no surprise that their rocking out has attracted the attention of the people at Tattoo Fixers!

Revolution is from their first EP and it is easy to see why the people at E4 gravitated towards the track. The fast paced guitar paired with the pounding bass and snare drums in the intro captivates you straight away and gives you a very good idea about what the band is all about!

The band have just finished a European tour and are now back to rocking out in their native USA, however they are doing anything but settling down back at home. As the track name suggests, they are really are dead set on spreading Girl Power to the masses!

The track is featured on the episode airing tomorrow (the 25th of July) at 9pm on E4, so don’t miss it!