Meet the team

John Esplen

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  • Supports Bristol City football club and Somerset CCC
  • The first live act he saw was Adge Cutler & The Wurzels
  • Was the West Somerset schools chess champion
  • In 1989 he persuaded and financed The Dickies to tour Europe after a 10-year hiatus
  • Has variously been accused of being a bank robber, a Class War organiser and an MI5 spy – none of which were true!

John founded Wipeout Music Publishing in 1996, initially as a spin-off to the various labels he managed. He handles the day-to-day business, the signing of new artists and is obsessive about the tracking and collection of royalties.

More recently John has overseen the expansion of the business which has involved the training and employment of Matty and Daniel who handle the synch side of the business, allowing him to concentrate on assisting and promoting the artists

John says the emphasis of the business in the near future will be to sign more emerging artists and to secure more music placements.

Matty – Sync


  • Started as an intern but impressed so much he got a full-time job
  • Loves Radiohead and shoegaze post-rock
  • Every year goes to Primevera Festival in Spain
  • Supports AC Milan and Middlesbrough FC

Matty helps run the sync side of the business working with Dan who has coached him well. He deals day to day with not only repping the Wipe Out Catalogue but also representing other labels and publishers for sync for Ads, Tv, Film and Video Games – using both existing catalogue and working with artists for bespoke pieces.

Daniel – Sync


  • Huge Katy Perry fan. Has watched her Part Of Me documentary more times than is decent
  • Lived on a canal boat for the first 10 years of his life.
  • Keen fisherman. Strives to be a Green Horn on Deadliest Catch
  • Incredibly talented bedroom guitarist/singer-songwriter.
  • Went bald and could grow a thick beard at the age of 12.

Daniel is responsible for uploading music to music libraries as well as supplying music to film, TV, trailer studios and retail outlets. A talent for databases and an understanding of all aspects of metadata has made his services indispensable. Especially keen on new music he has begun to take a more pro-active role in the A&R side of the business and can often be seen at gigs.