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About Music Publishing

What is music publishing?

Music publishing is a global business encompassing the ownership, promotion and administration of songs. We license words and music (typically a song or a production music track) to record companies, radio, television, films, commercials and multimedia.

What does Wipe Out Music do?

We acquire copyrights from the songwriter and contract them to a specific agreement. We only control the copyrights that are given to us and do not contract songwriters to exclusive songwriting agreements (i.e. every song they write while under contract is owned or partially owned by the publisher) because we believe that the songwriter should be free to give their future catalogue to whom they choose. In return for entire or partial ownership of songs, we administers the rights, collect the income and split the income with the writer.

How do publishers make money?

Publishers have three main sources of revenue:

The Roles of Wipe Out Music

Licensing the use of music